Winners Announced!!!!!

Here at we are delighted to announce the Winners of our fantastic Christmas giveaway in conjunction with

The winners are Stephen Halton and Counguilla Holsteins. Please make contact with us here at and we will get the clippers out to you asap. We would like thank for the great prizes and all who entered the completion, would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas and a very Prosperous new year


It is that time of year again when us farmers are housing our livestock. The practice of clipping livestock at housing has become very common in recent years, and extensive research has shown many benefits as outline below

Benefits of clipping Livestock

• Clipping tails at housing has had  beneficial effects as to avoid dirt being flicked over the hide’s
• Shaving an animal’s backs (e.g. 150mm strip along the spine from the tail head to shoulders) also had a positive effect. As it helps to reduce sweating and the risk of wet, dirty hides.
• It helps promote cleanliness to adhere to the abattoir’s mandatory requirements.
• Clipped stock are more saleable.
• Promotes thrive in livestock.
• Clipping drastically reduces cases of pneumonia
• Clipped tails in dairy production systems helps reduce the threat of thermodurics

Clippers Ireland have kindly teamed up with us here at  as part of our fantastic winter season giveaway. They have supplied us with two specialized EgroPro Sheep & Cattle clippers, one mains and one battery operated. Click on each of the links below to see what you could win


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