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In week as part of our Service Provider Profiles here at https://www.irishfarmservices.ie we catch up with John Kennedy from Co Wexford who has setup a Grass Measuring Service

John Kennedy is  25 and from Coolgreany, Gorey, Co Wexford. He grew up on a dairy farm, started milking cows at 12 years old and took jobs all the way up along and during college all on farms relief milking and general work. John done a level 7 in civil engineering in college but when he finished he went to Australia worked on a 400 cow farm and realized he wanted to do farming full time. John stayed there for a year and done a diploma in dairy production management and he then spent 6 months on a 3600 cow dairy farm.

When he left there he started work on a dairy farm in Cork and within a  week was managing 160 cows and has spent  the last 3 years on this holding and this Spring gone he and the owners calved down 310 cows, the cows on this farm had 300 days at grass this year and last.

John has since returned home to help out on his father’s farm and has decided to use his expertise to set up a grass measuring service for farmers in Wexford and surrounding areas.  John feels that a lot of single labour unit run farms haven’t the time to do the measuring or would like to do it but don’t understand how to. He also feels some bigger farms are the same when they could be more focused on stock and not have to worry about walking the grass.

Sometimes there can be multiple people doing grass measuring on farms or skipping weeks here and there but the biggest problem with that is consistency and that’s what John’s service will offer above all else. In order to be consistent John uses a plate meter to calculate  grass covers. He can come to your farm weekly, or even twice a week in peak growth to monitor your grass wedge, he can also advise on surpluses or deficits, which will in turn lead to top class Grassland Management.

His service also proves to be very beneficial in estimating your yearly grass growth figures, and help to aid you in earmarking paddocks for reseeding. Now is an ideal time to take stock of your Grassland management and start by getting a handle on your first grazing rotation.

Check out the link below for more details on Johns Service. We would like to wish John the very best with his new service and hope farmers will reap the benefits of it 2017

Grass Measuring Service



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