Pokémon Fever Grips Countryside

I was travelling on the m8 motorway over the weekend, heading north through Tipperary. I was surprised to see, on the right hand side as I drove past, what could have been a maybe 20 foot tall, bright yellow Pokémon propped up in a field, flanked by two brightly coloured red and white poké-balls, which were expertly painted round bales.

Gobsmacked and confused, it was only later that day when I was heading home that I realised it was advertising the Durrow show.

It wasn’t simply the size of the display which caught my eye. The quality of it was such that it must have taken a huge amount of time, imagination, collaboration and logistical skill to create and assemble such a visual. I can imagine that the novelty of the brashly coloured creature set against the countryside is catching the eyes of adults and children alike.

The retro game franchise, Pokémon, has made a huge comeback after releasing a phone app recently, with Nintendo’s stock jumping around 85%. I did not, however, expect to see its presence felt in a field in Tipp, just off the motorway.

After trawling the internet for information and pictures about the advert, I’ve come up completely short. This is making me wonder if the advert was definitely for Durrow.

We would love to find out more about the display, like who made it, how they did it and what gave them the idea for it. If you have any information about who the Pokémon  fanatic is or how they created their display, do send us on some information.

We would also like to post some images of the advert, so if you have a picture you can send it onto us on Facebook, Twitter or leave it in the comments below. Otherwise, if your passing and its safe, pull in take a snap and send it on!


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