Ploughing 16 day out – Pictures.

During our recent social media competition for Irish Farm Services, we came into contact with Ellen from Cavan. When we heard about the difficult journey she and her young boys had come through, we decided that we would like to do something small for her.

Ellen’s eldest son(8) has recently battled against an aggressive illness which required chemo and radiation treatment along with a transplant. We were touched and inspired by the bravery of this young family and were only delighted to sort Ellen with a ticket for the Ploughing Championships this year.

It proved to be a great day out for the family and we must thank Ellen for sending us these great pictures of their action packed day out! We’retold the boys love machinery………..they were in the right spot!



If we have half the craic¬†that the guys had, ¬†tomorrow at the ploughing , we’ll be delighted!!!


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