New Zealand Experience

Are you interested, in travelling, seeing some stunning parts of the world, experiencing new cultures and looking to earn money in the process. If so New Zealand may be the place for you. New Zealand offers some great job opportunities, and boasts some highly efficient farming and machinery operational business’s.

In recent weeks we have had clients from New Zealand list such opportunities, we also have had a few of our users question the need for a working visa. We decided to contact one of our New Zealand clients to answer that very question and this is there reply

If it is the persons first time to New Zealand and they are under the age of 30 they can apply for a working holiday visa which entitles them to work for 11 months out of 12 and also allows them to travel around New Zealand. This type of visa activates once you enter New Zealand and lasts for 12 months from entry to the country. You can call companies like visa first to apply for this visa as far as I am aware you can do it over the phone or apply online on their website. The majority of our employees come on this visa.

If the person has been to New Zealand previously and is over the age of 30 they would need to apply for a work visa, this is a bit more technical and requires things like a police clearance, medical etc to be completed. However it is also possible to obtain a work visa as a machinery operator this way. If the individual had mechanical skills/truck license this would highly benefit them when applying for a work visa. You can also apply with visa first for this visa. I also have a contact with immigration advise company here in New Zealand that they could use to apply for a work visa. If someone is not keen on paper work or has no clue where to start the immigration company does the application for you (for a fee of course) you just have to supply the information they require.

There is no sponsorship visa here in New Zealand (a lot of people ask about this) New Zealand has a different visa system to Australia. We cannot sponsor people to work here in New Zealand you have to apply for a work visa yourself.

I hope this is answers some questions, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to make the journey some years ago, and I got to spend time working there alongside some amazing and experienced people, and I would recommend it to anyone


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