New Field & Grass Recording App available from Kingswood Computing

Kingswood Computing to launch a new Field & Grass Recording App at the forthcoming National Ploughing Championships


Kingswood Computing, Ireland’s market-leading Farm IT Company, is to launch a new Field & Grass Recording App at the forthcoming National Ploughing Championships in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.


Kingswood Computing has been developing and supporting functional, easy-to-use software for dairy and beef farmers since 1987. Its main products Kingswood Herd, Field and Accounts, contain the key recording requirements for bovine livestock farms:

  • Dairy and Beef Herd Management.
  • Field Recording and Grassland Management.
  • Compliancy with national and EU regulations.
  • Farm Accounts for tight cost control.


Mobile Recording

In recent years they’ve added mobile recording on phones and tablets to their repertoire of PC-based software. Kingswood Mobile – for herd recording – was launched at last year’s Ploughing and has proved immensely popular with younger farmers. Now they’re launching Kingswood Field App at this year’s event.



Kingswood’s new Field and Grass Recording App caters for the full spectrum of field and grass events including spraying events, fertiliser & slurry spreading and grass measurement and complements Kingswood Mobile.


Their new App, which is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows devices, allows farmers to:

  • Enter a full range of field events – spraying, fertiliser spreading and sowing.
  • Enter grass measurements and check their feed wedge and grazing planner
  • Stay compliant with their spray recording and manage their fertiliser application
  • Enter purchases of farm stocks as they happen and check recent purchases

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Flexibility and Versatility


Gerry Lynskey of Kingswood Computing outlined the uniqueness of their new Field and Grass Recording App which allows them to cater for such a wide spectrum of recording requirements.


“Kingswood Apps can operate in two modes. For the farmer mainly focussed on compliancy issues (Dept regulations, Bord Bia etc), they can work totally standalone on a phone or tablet. But for the bigger, more intensive dairy or beef farmer, who will be using it in conjunction with a full herd management system on their PC, they can be used as an add-on to enter data or look up animal records. More detailed analysis or reporting can be done on their PC.”


It’s this unique flexibility that enables Kingswood to cater for a range of herds from ten cows up to a thousand cows or more”, he said.



To find out more information on Kingswood’s new Field and Grass Recording App contact Kingswood Computing on 01 459 6677 or email

You may also follow this link to sign up for their new Field and Grass Recording Apps  free 30 day trial- Kingswood Computing.  Or take a look at their home page to find out more about Kingswood Computing’s services.

If you are at the Ploughing Championships in Tullamore this year be sure to visit their stall at Stand 171, Row 8, Block 1 to explore the app and see what the new Field and Grass Recording App can do for you.

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