Land Mobility Ireland

Access to land or “Land Mobility” has always been an issue for young farmers and the agricultural industry. CSO figures show that only 6.2% of farmers are under 35 and 26.3% over 65. That is a decline of 52.8% in numbers under 35 years from the 2000 to the 2010 census. These figures are in contrast to our agricultural colleges which are at full capacity with young farmers looking for a career as farmers. We have continued to see growth in our exports over the last number of years. Coupled with the opportunities of Food Harvest 2020 and the abolition of milk quotas in 2015, this will bring more prospects to us as Irish farmers. Land mobility can help, existing farmers, young trained farmers, farm managers and business people to explore farming collaborations

Advantages of Land mobility

  • Can be used as an aid for expansion
  • Can help when changing a farm enterprise
  • Can promote efficiencies of underutilized land resources
  • Can open up new options for a farmer stepping back from fulltime farming


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