My name is Katie Starsmore and I am currently 21 years old. I have grown up on a 420 cow dairy farm in New Zealand, which has recently expanded to 550 cow dairy farm. I am half British, as my dad is originally from England, therefore I hold a New Zealand and British Passport.

I graduate from Massey University (New Zealand) in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Agriculture, Minoring in Animal Science. 

In 2019 I went on a student exchange program in the Netherlands at Wageningen University for 5 months from February to July. While being there I realised that dairy farming doesn’t have to be bad for the environment, which is how it is portrayed in the New Zealand media, and that dairy farmers can help the environment instead of hindering it. From listening to guest speakers at Wageningen University and attending the Dairy Campus research centre in the Netherlands. I have come to the conclusion that I would like to improve the sustainability of the dairy industry. I would start by gaining work experience in this field, where I can help dairy farmers become more environmentally friendly on farm level; for example a farm consultant.

Therefore my goal is to eventually set up a farm consultancy business where not only maximisation of milk production and profit is focused on, but also minimising the environmental ‘footprint’ of individual dairy farms. This may mean that I could create an app or something similar that farmers can use not only to manage their effluent and irrigation, but also their greenhouse gas emissions (nitrous oxide and methane mainly). Ideally I would like to create a net zero emissions from farming, however, I realise that this would require a lot more research. I am really interested in being on the forefront between farmers and companies, regulations/policies and research. So my goal  at the moment is to eventually be some sort of sustainable farm consultant where I promote companies, along with my app including GHG emission management, to improve the environment without compromising farm production.

After I graduate in May 2019 in New Zealand, I am looking at working in Ireland for a few years to gain either research, consultancy, environmental or dairy farming experience. I am looking for any type of work which would be able to develop my skills further. Ideally this job would begin in late June/early July 2019.

Please contact me via email if you would be interested in talking with me : kstarsmore15@gmail.com