The couple are looking for a position somewhere in the sheep/beef/deer industry or possibly in the cropping industry. Ideally with on-farm accommodation . (If they decided to stay in Ireland long-term they would be interested in purchasing a property in a nice family oriented location).

Davids experience for the past 6 years has been in varying levels of management so we would like to retain some of that level if/where possible. David has vast experience with cattle sheep and deer, artifical insemination, embyro transfer and highly skilled in all animal husbandry tasks. However he has very limited experience in the dairy industry so we wouldn’t be looking to focus there. In saying that though, both are aware of possibly upcoming brexit issues and if suitable we would love to try to help farming businesses to innovate or diversify and hopefully help them get through a tough time as this is a passion of theres.
Channelle has great experience and has worked as a dairy assistant, veterinary nurse, sheperdess, has excellent bussiness strategy skills and is a keen social media influencer.
If you would like to find out more about this ennergetic and innovative couple, please contact us at info@irishfarmservices.ie and we fill you in more on there exeperience and c.v!
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