Weed licking service available in East Clare area. Honda 4×4 quad and 8 foot offset licker will travel on the wettest of land without damaging it, while doing the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. Licker is offset from the quad so the rushes or other weeds are not trampled by the quad prior to treatment. The weed licker treats only the weeds you want gone without the overspray of boom sprayers.
FRS training course completed. This does not effect GLAS or Hen Harrier protection schemes.
Get your rushes, docks, nettles, ragwort and more under control today!

Spot spraying also available for under electric fences etc.

€20 per hour + cost of herbicide
Contact me anytime for more info.

Weed wiper lick wipe roundup rush nettle ragwort weed killer kill spray garden removal

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