How our service request can help you.

Many farmers find throughout the year that there are a couple of jobs that they need an extra pair of hands with or they need it done for them if they are under pressure with time.

This doesn’t mean that a farmer is looking to employ someone on a full or even part-time basis. It can be difficult to make contact with someone who is willing to take on once-off or casual jobs around the farm.

This is where our service request can help. By listing a request, for example perhaps you need some one to powerwash your sheds, cover your silage pit or pick stones. Place a listing describing the work you want done on our website along with your contact details.

Your service request will then be visible on our website, helping you to reach all of our users. We will also share your post across our social media platforms, giving you a greater chance of making contact with the right man for the job.

Posting these listings is very easy on our website homepage. If you do have difficulty with computers or posting listings do not hesitate to contact us on 0877554200 to avail of our listing support service.


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