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A couple of times a year you might hear some noise from figures in the media, for example Conor Pope , about household bills. The general consensus is that we should all sit down once a year, examine what each utility is charging us for each service and choose or change to the company which offers us the best value.

This sounds extremely sensible. It saves a considerable amount of money. We should all be doing this. However, many of us don’t.

I would imagine that many people, myself included simply forget about it when the media have stopped talking about it, all the while our bills could be creeping slowly up.

This is often the case when it comes to farmers and their service providers. I spoke to a number of farmers prior to writing this blog and much of the responses were the same.

When I ask if a farmer always uses the same service providers for a certain job, most responses were yes. A general sort of ring around to a few local lads might be undertaken, more often than not though, the same guy as before gets the job.

This makes you wonder, in a time when the scale of farming is becoming much larger, and efficiency is being emphasised more and more in almost every practice of farming, are farmers as efficient as possible when it comes to farm service providers.

There is very often a loyalty attached to choosing your regular service provider for a job. I wonder though, when taking into account the poor price of milk and beef along with early indications that yields in tillage could be down almost 20%, how much will loyalty cost a farmer at the end of the year? Can farmers afford to pay more for a service than they need to pay? How do farmers get the best value for their farm, their profits and themselves?

At Irish Farm Services we can help. When you go to post a listing with us you can make this post a service request, i.e. your looking for a job to be done. When you post this ad,   all of our rapidly growing users get the opportunity to look at your service request and call/text or e-mail you with their quote.

You can then choose which service provider is best value for you and this system can even give you the time to research your contractor, ensuring that you have got the best person for the job at the best price. Irish Farm Services allows you the platform to connect with more farmers and service providers than ever before.

Take our simple poll below, the results will be interesting. Also feel free to comment on anything you agree or disagree with in the blog.

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