Farm and Equestrian Recruitment

At Irish Farm Services we aim to cater for a vast range of Farm and Equestrian jobs. Our Goal is to provide an up-to-date and comprehensive listing of current job seeker and job vacancy positions.

As the size of Irish family farms and equestrian businesses are growing significantly and dealing with increased market volatility, they need to be efficient, sustainable and focus on the economic benefits of the use of skilled labour and that of safe and efficient service providers. Irish Farm Services is a one stop shop to help you cater for these needs. Our online service provides a platform of interaction for farmers and equestrian owners to recruit personnel be it relief, par time, or fulltime.

We provide a space for a job seeker to upload a profile, giving all relevant details, in turn allowing prospective employer’s access to the details of the job seekers experience and qualifications. This will allow you to hire a candidate you feel would best suit a giving job position.




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