Fantastic Link-Lok giveaway

A few months ago here at we came across this super new invention when we had the pleasure of being introduced to Aaron Duignan,  a graduate of the National University of Ireland Galway, from Carrick on Shannon in County Leitrim. Aaron has invented this must have link-lok implement.

Link-Lok was created to overcome the daily nuisance faced by farmers when attaching implements onto their tractors. Searching for linch pins and taking them from different machines can slow work down before it even begins.

Aaron was fed up with losing linch pins and snapping his fingers on cold winter mornings. Furthermore he had too often witnessed farmers take risks and use unsafe alternatives when they couldn’t find linch pins or r-clips. From pieces of bailing twine, wire and even nails. At a time when Farming is the most dangerous occupation in the country, he saw an opportunity to help mitigate the risks. This inspired him to create a bolt that combined the bolt and clip into one device. Increasing labour efficiency and safety on the farm.

Link-Lok have kindly giving us 4 packs of there unique pins for our monthly giveaway, if you would like to be one of the lucky winners, like, share, tag a friend, leave a comment on social media, or email us directly @ Winners will be announced on Friday 30/06/17



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