Crucial Harvest upon Tillage Farmers.

There is no shortage of coverage in the media about the disastrous implications of a low-yield harvest for Irish tillage farmers. With sowing estimates showing a 40,000 ha decline since 2012 paired with low yields attributed to the cold spring just gone, this has made this a crucial harvest.

Unfortunately for Irish farmers, the success of the global crop will mean that prices are likely to remain low despite the poor yield, leaving the pressure to mount on Irish farmers.

Farmers are feeling isolated by the lack of supports available to them. Supports which have so recently been made available to their dairy farming counterparts (even if they are a meagre gesture).

Joe Healy, IFA president has accredited the blame to government inaction.

Mr Healy said, “Preliminary sowing estimates for Ireland’s 2016 harvest show a further significant decline in plantings of over 40,000ha since 2012. The spring barley area has been the worst affected with a fall off over 20,000ha since last season. Exceptional grain yields over the last two seasons have failed to halt the decline as farmers struggle to cope with a combination of low grain prices, expensive inputs, falling Direct Payments and increased compliance costs due to greening. In addition, Ireland’s dysfunctional banking system is forcing farmers to pay non-competitive interest rates or depend on expensive merchant credit.”

At recent IFA meetings in Cork, the blame has been laid on the laps of the IFA and the Irish media. Many feel that neither has reflected the current state of affairs in Irish tillage, which must be difficult when you consider all of the coverage about dairy supports.

Regardless of who is to blame, the harvest must continue. Farmers and contractors must be fully prepared to harvest at the most opportune time. To ensure this is possible it is vital that you have the man power and machinery operators at your disposal.

If you, or any farmers/contractors you know find yourselves short handed at harvest time, post a job vacancy or browse our job seekers on Irish Farm Services. Harvest recruitment is a vital component of a successful season.

Time is of paramount importance and with unprecedented pressure being placed on this years harvest, it is vital that the harvest is optimised.



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