A Day in the Mart!

Last Tuesday we set up in Fermoy Mart to meet, greet and promote our website to the local farmers. A great day was had and we got some great feedback from the people I spoke to.

The day started fairly slow as I arrived a touch too early but it wasn’t too long before I was busy answering questions.


I met with Catherine Dorgan early on and she put me in a great spot near the restaurant where I couldn’t be missed. I set up our table and hung a few posters. After that, it wasn’t long before I could hear the bellows of stock being loaded into the holding area.

IMG_0671               IMG_0669

People started to trickle in and it was then the talking started. Handing out the card was the trick! Once people got a look they wanted to stop and see what we were all about. The next task was trying to give out the website cards while explaining about the website to people at the same time.

I must say fellas liked the look of the whole thing and thought it was a great idea. One thought that fellas had that they kept relaying to me is fellas looking for good guys, where to find them and how to contact them.

‘Sure,’ I said again and again,’ This is the most organised website geared towards farmers looking for fellas. Whether it’s labour, land leasing, milkers, contractors, social events or anything you need a fella for, this is the place to browse or post a listing. Your going to know exactly where to look and where to post, it’s a website designed by farmers for farmers.’

Plenty of lads and ladies had a browse through on our tablet and PC and liked the look of what they saw. Our organisation geared at farmers made a big impression. Having areas set aside for  things like contract rearing and land mobility in different sections to job vacancies and Job seekers makes a big difference to the website user. You can find what you want faster and if you don’t see what you need you can post your request faster and in the appropriate section.

I must say, the reaction from the farming community inn Fermoy on the day gave us great encouragement. Fellas were great to stop and talk even though they were fairly busy. Some fellas were too good at it but that’s alright too.

The highlight of the day happened when an elderly farmer was passing me and I asked him if he would like a business card for the wallet. This fella now was the far side of 60 at least.

‘No need,’ he says without breaking stride, ‘ sure don’t I follow ye on Twitter!.’

You just never know who your reaching on social media or what age they are!





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