Quality Fleckviehs on offer at Dairystock Services

During the week we met up with Adrian & John from Dairy Stock services to hear more about the very popular dairy dual purpose breed Fleckvieh.

Based near Cahir in Co Tipperary Dairy stock Services are a team of industry professionals who import purebred pedigree Fleckvieh animals from Austria.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Fleckvieh breed, they are in fact a dairy Simmental and are recognized internationally as a single breed, similar to how Holstein and British Friesian operate.

Austria is at the centre of the Fleckvieh’s domination in Europe, with 90% of its dairy herd being pure Fleckvieh. Adrian and his team have been working very diligently to source some of the World’s Top Fleckvieh livestock and have been placing them on farms all over Ireland with outstanding success.

Why choose Fleckvieh Genetics & Replacements

  • Docile & Robot Friendly
  • Very high above average Fat Solids
  • Very high above average Protein
  • High Yielding 8-12,500 Litres
  • Dual Purpose
  • Best Fertility in Class – Strong Hereditary Passage
  • Cow size and Style to suit all dairy systems
  • Low somatic Cell count
  • Good feed Conversion
  • Good Health& Longevity

Dairy Stock services supply large numbers of autumn and Spring Calvers and Dairy Replacements

Their dairy Replacements are chosen from the highest ranking Pedigree Gene Pool with industry leading Docility, easy calving and High Yielding lactation’s & Longevity. All livestock are available from in house quarantine stables for the direct selection by the customer.

Dairystock Services specialise in the sourcing various different types of dairy stock & Breeding Bulls

Dairy stock services pride themselves in having the highest of standards, this was very evident when we visited them lately, their biosecurity and animal health protocols are very impressive, and this in turn gives huge confidence to their many customers.

If you are interested using dairy stock services to promote Hereditary Hi Vigour traits and Fertility to future proof your Dairy enterprise then please get in contact with Adrian or John below as orders are filling up very fast.



Contact Information Phone:   Adrian +353868235246 John +353 0851967364

Website http://www.dairystockservices.com/

Email: info@dairystockservices.com

Address:​ Cahir, Co. Tipperary E21 KP11 – Rep. of Ireland


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