grazing-cattle-against-blue-skyThe demand on Irish farms and agricultural based businesses to be more efficient while maintaining a constant sustainability has never been greater than in recent years.

Increased market volatility has become a constant source of risk to agriculture in Ireland. Irish Farm Services was developed by Farmers for the Farming and agricultural community as a whole. Our mission is to provide a platform for farmers to recruit Farm Managers/Farm operatives be it for relief, part time, or full-time while also facilitating an easy to use directory of services for agricultural contractors in Ireland at the touch of a button.

We provide a very comprehensive farm services directory which farm service providers can use to advertise there business. We cater for the listing of adverts for Farming Job Seekers, Job vacancies, Share Farming, Contract Rearing, Land Mobility, Land lease, Farming events, and Property sales. We provide an easy to use portal for Job Quotes that can have huge benefits for both the farmer and service provider.